Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Machakos Town Cleanliness 13/8/2014
Kilele Foundation Machakos volunteer Ms Faith MUMBI Join VSO, Hope Disability Network, Youth Model Assembly, Mjini Women , Mwanzo Mpya, Scouts. Peer Educators,Muslim Associations, Supkim ,Moyas, and Machakos stakeholders cleaning Machakos town today
Cleanliness is second to Godliness!

Kilele Foundation Kenya , Livestrong Kenya . Africa Without Cancer , We will have talk of Cancer Awareness at

Meru Hospice is a charitable trust fund that is committed to reduce the suffering of individuals with incurable diseases especially cancer. Because cancer is suffering to hundreds of people and families; Meru Hospice exists to improve the quality of life of these individuals and their families while at the same time creating awareness within the community about cancer prevention, the need for cancer screening and the opportunity to get care, especially at home.

lately there is an increase on cancer cases and most of them are diagnosed at the late stage where its hard to treat the disease,prevention is an ultimate step in the fight against cancer.with these meru hospice has embarked on community awareness on cancer.

We hereby invite you to the corporate dinner on 13th September 2014 at hotel Alba meru, that is aimed at raising awareness among corporates.
look forward to working with you to create cancer awareness and alleviate pain and suffering of the terminally ill cancer patients in Meru and Kenya at large.
Attached find the official invitation and the event concept note

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