Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kenyan LIVESTRONG Leader Makes a Difference at Home


My name is Alexander Ndolo Kilele and I live in Kakatangi Location Yatta, Machakos County Kenya. My father, James Kilele, died of prostate cancer in 1995 and my mother, Muthikwa Kilele, is a survivor. She has made us come together as a family to raise awareness in the community and in Kenya.
What does being a leader mean to you?
I founded the Kilele Foundation and Africa without Cancer. I enjoy being a part of the LIVESTRONG Leaders group to hear how each member creates their own campaign strategies in the United States and around the world. This and the information provided by the foundation, has made it easy for LIVESTRONG to be known in Kenya and East Africa. I also work closely with Juma Mwesigwa of Huheso Kahama Foundation in Tanzania who is a LIVESTRONG Leader.
What are you doing in your community to give back?
Being a founder of the Kilele Foundation and introducing LIVESTRONG Foundation in Kenya allows me to campaign in the community and raise awareness about cancer. I want to bring the information to all the people and schools, because some of our people believe in traditional healing. It’s a big job to change their mindset. I work on educating the public every day.
Alexander Ndolo Kilele
Founder, Kilele Foundation and Africa Without Cancer